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“Less focus and rambling, chatting without a purpose of direction, tired and uninformed of events in his country” US Diplomat qualifies Paul Biya of Cameroon

In a recent Wikileaks cable released in September 20011, the former US diplomat to Cameroon says he discussed with president Paul Biya for over an hour on vital issues. The chat which took place in April 2009 focused Cameroon politics, security forces, corruption and the impact of the economic crisis. According to the US diplomat, “Biya was less focused and more rambling than in previous meetings and did not seem fully seized with the numerous pressing challenges his government faces”. He further states that Paul Biya look tired and was visibly not informed about what is happening in his own country, Cameroon. He chatted “unhurriedly and without purpose of direction”.

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WikiLeaks Cameroon: CONFIDENTIAL and EXPLOSIVE; The Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralization confesses

 In another confidential and  explosive WikiLeaks cable on Cameroon, the  Minister of Territorial Administration (MINAT)  and powerful member of the ruling party polit Bureau , Marafa Hamidou Yaya in a discussion with  Elisabeth Janet Garvey, former US Ambassador to Cameroon, the former  bares his mind about some burning issues in the country.  His disdain for Elections Cameroon-ELECAM, his worries on the fight against corruption among other issues are revealed. It should be noted that the declarations of these ministers, like the case of Amadou Ali of the Justice Department may be considered their personal opinions or views. However, these views are really not different from state policies implemented by them or   their ministries and the government at large. 

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Cameroon: STARTLING REVELATIONS: Vice PM fears Anglo-Bami power, denounces corrupt opposition and military.

In a WikiLeaks cable released on September 1, 2011 Cameroon’s Vice Prime Minister,  Minister of Justice and Keeper of the Seal, Amadou Ali, makes startling revelations and declarations in a very confidential chat on February 27, 2009, with the former US Ambassador to Cameroon, Elizabeth Janet Garvey.  After reading through the cable, these are the salient points I have taken for you.  I have divided them under corruption, the military and politics.

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Impunity in Cameroon: When ministers “have not stolen enough to be arrested”

A recent Wikileaks cable on Cameroon has revealed to the bewilderment of Cameroonians that in the course of a discussion with former US ambassador to Cameroon HE Janet Garvey, President Paul Biya literally admitted that inertia and impunity in Cameroon have destroyed the country under his watch for the past 29 years. This is supported when he is quoted in the cable as saying some ministers, and notably Inoni Ephraim “have not stolen enough” to be arrested. The questions are how much, must a minister steal to be arrested. Despite the ongoing selective arrest of suspected embezzlers, corruption continues as before.  

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Wikileaks: France to intervene in Cameroon and Gabon in case of internal unrest

By Aloysius Agendia

In another secret diplomatic cable of US Embassy in Paris, France dated September 09, 2008 and released on January 09, 2011 by WIKILEAKS, it has been revealed that France has the obligation to intervene militarily to defend the neo-colonial government and secure its interests under the France Afrique secret deals signed with Cameroon in 1960 and later modified in 1974 and that which was signed with the Gabonese Government in 1960. The cable titled “France’s Changing Policy in Africa part III”, states, “Equally troublesome and outdated are certain
"secret" portions of some of the Agreements. According to
Marechaux, the Defense Agreements with CAMEROON and Gabon,
for example, contain "absurd" provisions obligating France,
upon request, to provide internal security in case of
domestic unrest in those countries”

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WikiLeaks: How Francophone Africa gets indebted through theft and manipulation

As we continue to deplore the continuous manipulation of Francophone Africa  by successive colonial administrators  and their master France, we also urged on the need for us to come together and take our own destiny into our hands. Among others, we have to cancel the so called “debts we owe” these vampires, as well as nationalise all their assets and related unscrupulously-privatised corporations in Cameroon and the rest of the continent. We express the urgent need to cut all monetary (FCFA) ties with France and implore on our imminent future leaders to work with them as partners if we must continue collaborating. Anything short of  this, we must also add and accentuate deals with potential partners like  Brazil, Turkey, Argentina, Venezuela, Iran, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Mexico, South Africa, Malaysia, Indonesia etc. Below is a WikiLeaks  US Embassy-Cameroon confidential cable released on December 28, 201o and dated July 07, 2009. It reveals how the vampires ruling the Central African sub Region (CEMAC)  through the regional bank BEAC, connived with France to steal billions of our funds to fund French politics. Soon the same guys ruling us will go after loans from this same France and her allies with fabulous sums as interest rates. Read on

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WIKILEAKS: The West wary of Sino-Cameroon relations: Links between Communist Party and the ruling CPDM

By Aloysius AGENDIA

 In a recent WikiLeaks cable of the US Embassy in Cameroon revealed on December 08, 2010, the former US Ambassador Cameroon, H E. Janet Elisabeth Garvey expresses worries over increasing Chinese influence in Cameroon and the difficulties the “west” can face with increased Chinese presence in the country.

 The cable dating February 18, 2010 and titled “China’s growing presence in Cameroon” also discloses that the ruling Chinese People Communist Party has strengthened its relations with the ruling Cameroon People Democratic Movement CPDM after the former gave some computer equipment to the latter.

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In defence of freedom of expression: Journalists worldwide rally behind Wikileaks

By Aloysius AGENDIA

Journalists from over 40 countries, members of the Global Investigative Journalism Network have expressed their support for the whistleblower Wikileaks which recently released thousands of so- called “secrets” US military documents and files incriminating US and coalition forces, by clearly showing their “atrocities” committed in Iraq and Afghanistan since early 2000.

In a statement released on November 5 after several days of online deliberations, the journalists said they supported Wikileaks and its Australian founder Julian Assange in their efforts and quest for the truth and the promotion freedom of expression.

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