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2013: President Biya, 80, to "preside" over 80% unemployment rate. Biya New Year Speech

 Here is the New Year Message of Paul Biya, President of the Republic of Cameroon.  Biya has been in power since November 06, 1982.  He has "won"    every allegedly heavily rigged election since then. Biya, 80, presides over 20 million people with unofficial unemployment rate at 80%. The economy of…

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Final list of 2011 Presidential candidates in Cameroon: Old wine in old bottles

Below is the full list of candidates who have been selected by Cameroon’s Electoral body ELECAM, for the October 9, 2011 presidential elections. A total of 52 postulants submitted their files and 21 were retained including incumbent Paul Biya, who has been in office since November 6, 1982. 31 postulants were rejected with reasons ranging from the none legalisation of copies of documents, late submission of files, fake receipts or non payment of payment of the FCFA 5 million caution among others.

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WIKILEAKS: The West wary of Sino-Cameroon relations: Links between Communist Party and the ruling CPDM

By Aloysius AGENDIA

 In a recent WikiLeaks cable of the US Embassy in Cameroon revealed on December 08, 2010, the former US Ambassador Cameroon, H E. Janet Elisabeth Garvey expresses worries over increasing Chinese influence in Cameroon and the difficulties the “west” can face with increased Chinese presence in the country.

 The cable dating February 18, 2010 and titled “China’s growing presence in Cameroon” also discloses that the ruling Chinese People Communist Party has strengthened its relations with the ruling Cameroon People Democratic Movement CPDM after the former gave some computer equipment to the latter.

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The Southern Cameroons Affair: Theory versus pragmatism

By Aloysius AGENDIA

 Some of my readers have asked me to write about the SCNC- the secessionist Movement in Cameroon known as The Southern Cameroons National Council. I have never wanted to write about the SCNC and the myriad of derivatives because I do not want to be labelled a secessionist by the Cameroon government  neither do I want to be called a sell-out by my fellow brothers of the former British Southern Cameroons. This does not mean that I cannot opine on this.

What has pushed me to scribble this is the debate on Cameroon Politics chat-group on the “struggle” of Southern Cameroons. The debate has been more useful to me than any history lessons I ever had on the history of Cameroon.

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2011 Elections: Participation and political change in Cameroon

By Aloysius AGENDIA
The massive registration and voting of Cameroonians in the 2011 Presidential Election in Cameroon is indispensable for change  in the country, whether the elections would be rigged or not.
Registration and voting may not be an immediate panacea to our problems, but it is a significant step towards signalling that we want change and even implementing the change and in the direction that we want.

Massive registration would definitely mean that the people are ready to defend their votes.  This will make would-be riggers to be cautious in the way they go along with
their malicious business. It is equally easier to rigged elections when there are less registered voters and actual voters, than when there are many people who registered and actually vote.  Massive turn out is always a very important signal.

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