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WikiLeaks Cameroon: CONFIDENTIAL and EXPLOSIVE; The Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralization confesses

 In another confidential and  explosive WikiLeaks cable on Cameroon, the  Minister of Territorial Administration (MINAT)  and powerful member of the ruling party polit Bureau , Marafa Hamidou Yaya in a discussion with  Elisabeth Janet Garvey, former US Ambassador to Cameroon, the former  bares his mind about some burning issues in the country.  His disdain for Elections Cameroon-ELECAM, his worries on the fight against corruption among other issues are revealed. It should be noted that the declarations of these ministers, like the case of Amadou Ali of the Justice Department may be considered their personal opinions or views. However, these views are really not different from state policies implemented by them or   their ministries and the government at large. 

Marafa confesses that ELECAM cannot run good elections.

Marafa says ELECAM officials are corrupt and are only in for money.

Marafa wanted MINAT and ELECAM to jointly organise and control elections.

Marafa fears that any rigged or poorly organised elections will lead to civil unrest.

Marafa expresses worries with growing Islamism in the North and in Douala

Marafa holds asserts the belief by some people that the arrest of senior state embezzlers known as Operation Sparrow Hawk is part of political witch hunting, is very true

He admits that he may end of in prison himself. He has been constantly cited in the ongoing case on the futile purchase of the presidential jet (ALBATROSS) during which millions of dollars were embezzled.

He expresses the worry of some  of state embezzlers who even though they have refunded stolen wealth, they still fear of possible arrest in the future.

Marafa believes that decentralisation would save Cameroon between 30-40% of current spending. However, he adds that decentralisation may also fuel corruption citing the cases discovered in the Douala City Council

True confessions?

Aloysius AGENDIA

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