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Cameroon: Why Participation In 2011 Presidential Elections May Be Poor

By Aloysius AGENDIA

Cameroon has over 200 political parties, with more than three-quarter being mushroom parties  with the sole objective of causing confusion and ensuring current dismal, divide and rule political continuity.
Since 1985, the Cameroon Peoples Democratic Movement, CPDM, a transformation of the Cameroon Nation Union has been in power. Current party Chairman Paul Biya, has been the unchallenged ruling party presidential candidate since then. In  2008, he used his absolute majority in the National Assembly to abolish presidential term limits in the constitution. This move has been widely interpreted as his desire to eternalise himself in power.

According to the constitution of Cameroon, and following the electoral calendar, the next presidential election is expected in 2011. Some ruling party militants who claim to  speak for the masses are calling on President Biya to stand and inundating the press with "motions of support" for the president. A semilar thing is happening with some opposition parties though at a much more smaller and insignificant scale.

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