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My New Year wish for you

I am wishing a happy New Year 2013 to all my friends, brothers, sisters and well wishers and even my enemies although i feel that  i don't have any enemies.

 May you be richly blessed with more wisdom, good health, spiritual and financial growth this 2013.
May the Lord help build unity in d…

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President Barack Obama: As pragmatic as idealistic.

Thursday January 20, 2009 entered the annals of history as the day the first ever African American, Barack Hussein Obama was sworn in as the 44 President of the United States of America, something which appeared almost impossible just four decades ago.

Obama in his inauguration speech did not only talk to please his “fans” and supporters but sounded as pragmatic as well idealistic as he briefly addressed both domestic and foreign policies issues. Conscious of the fact that he is taking over a shattered economy and a country whose image has been badly tainted, he said bluntly "Our time of standing pat, of protecting narrow interests and putting off unpleasant decisions — that time has surely passed,"


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President Obama as seen by the world

A messiah, philanthropist, politician, courageous and a play boy The 44th and first African-American President of the United States of America is seen by many from different angles, to represent different things. It could as well be the good, the bad, the ugly and why not, the best. Ordi…

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Middle East conflict: Sweden opts for pragmatism

The Foreign Minister of Sweden, Carl Bildt, has made it clear that the best way for durable peace in the Middle East is to end the economic isolation of the already impoverished Gaza Strip. Speaking to reporters in Stockholm after a visit to Middle East as part of an EU delegation, Carl B…

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Terrorist organisations, Liberation Movements and State Terrorism

Is fighting terrorism a non starter?What has prompted me to write this article are the remarks of the representative of Swedish Migration Board made in Court during a hearing of a case between a demoted Migration employee, Lenart Eriksson and the Migration Board on October 10 in Mölndal, …

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MY “WISH”, our CHALLENGES for 2009 and beyond

st1\:*{behavior:url(#ieooui) } MY “WISH”, our CHALLENGES for 2009 and beyond. Some people call it a wish but, I prefer to talk of a challenge. It is a challenge for me to accelerate in 2009, my contribution to human enlightenment, consciousness and knowledge as well as to keep on learni…

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Scandinavian countries want Mugabe’s resignation

Current situation aggravated by prideScandinavian countries including Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Sweden have added their voice to calls for the President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe to resign. In a statement released Friday, December 19, and endorsed by the Foreign Ministers o…

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Is military intervention needed in Zimbabwe?

Is military intervention needed in Zimbabwe? What is presently doing the rounds in some news media and fora is the declared wish by some countries to wage war on Zimbabwe so as to “liberate” the people of that country from the pangs of what has been described as a dictatorial regime. Some are for…

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Election of Barack Obama as US President and African excitement

Election of Barack Obama as US President and African excitement Why Are Africans so excited about the imminent election of the Illinois Senator of Kenyan origin, Barack Obama, into the White House? That is what I have been asking myself for some time now. Cut across Africa, there a…

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Iranian President's Monthly Expenses And Nigerian Leaders

This article is not written by me, but, i am relaying it on my blog because, it reflects exactly the same situation in Cameroon, in relation to President Paul Biya, his ministers and Provincial governors. By Reuben Abati

"The Fox News TV (USA) asked the Iranian President Ahmedinejad: "When you l…

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