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Lessons from North Africa: Rising up for ourselves and counting on ourselves

By Aloysius AGENDIA

The current wave of events in North Africa indicates that true freedom can only come through a genuine popular revolt and not tele-guided by some external forces who claim to love us more than we love ourselves. The streets spoke and the Tunisian dictator, Ben Ali, a hitherto darling of those who claim to speak for the international community fell. The streets again are speaking in Egypt and another dictator who has oppressed his people and supported by the same group of external forces is about falling. These two events if totally successful in bringing about radical changes in the most facets of the Egyptian and Tunisian society according to the wishes of the people, would be in no way different from the Iranian 1979 Revolution that brought down the “international community” backed dictator or again the revolts could be likened to the 1879 French Revolution that transformed France.

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