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In defence of freedom of expression: Journalists worldwide rally behind Wikileaks

By Aloysius AGENDIA

Journalists from over 40 countries, members of the Global Investigative Journalism Network have expressed their support for the whistleblower Wikileaks which recently released thousands of so- called “secrets” US military documents and files incriminating US and coalition forces, by clearly showing their “atrocities” committed in Iraq and Afghanistan since early 2000.

In a statement released on November 5 after several days of online deliberations, the journalists said they supported Wikileaks and its Australian founder Julian Assange in their efforts and quest for the truth and the promotion freedom of expression.

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Africa: The Hague Trials. Of mockery, anger and prejudice

By Aloysius AGENDIA

Ever since the trial of  Charles Taylor, the former President of Liberia  began, prosecutors at the Special Court at The Hague  had been waiting for the  day the British supermodel Noami Campbell would testify against Mr Taylor,  by admitting that Taylor gave her blood diamonds. The D-day happened on Thursday August 05, 2010 as Noami testified. She did admit that something  was given to her.  Taylor is accused among other crimes of selling Sierra Leonian diamond to purchase weapons and in turn supporting the RUF rebels in Sierra Leone. These rebels together with Taylor’s forces are said to have caused havoc in Sierra Leone and Liberia in the 90s.

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The UN and its Security Council: Time for change

Over six months ago, I wrote on this blog that I am yet to understand why most supposed media experts, communicators, political scientists and diplomats turn to misuse the appellation international community. I said so because most often, the supposed powerful countries team up with their allies and want to call those who defy them as, defiling the international community and unfortunately, this is always largely relayed by the media and the so-called global media.

Nevertheless, when one enters into the politics of media and editorial policies, then one may understand why some media prefer the line they chose to take. The United Nations General Assembly, which has almost 200 members, is the only body whose decision warrants the appellation “international community” and such a decision can only be that of the majority.

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Why grant asylum to economic and political criminals?


Take look at history and you will realise that several people who have plundered various African countries with or without the complicity of western, fellow African and Asian country leaders either in the domain of politics and the economy, have either died out of their country of origin or be…

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