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Cameroon’s most vocal journalist killed in the USA: The challenges ahead

By Aloysius AGENDIA

It was with shock, consternation and total disbelief that Cameroonians world over on Tuesday July 13, learned of the killing of Cameroon's and one of Africa's  ace journalist, activist and celebrated communicator, Pius Njawe. Njawe, 53, was director of Free Media Group- publisher of Le Messager, Cameroon's most enigmatic newspaper. Enigmatic in that Le Messager has withstood all the storms, thunder, lightening aimed at debilitating and crucifying it.

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Media pluralism in Cameroon- the government against the state

Aloysius AGENDIA

Practising journalism in Cameroon is an arduous task. Yet, there are about 80 thematic, FM and community radio stations and equally 10 television channels in the country.  Hundred of newspapers though mostly periodic also inundate the media landscape and from a superficial look of things, one may rightly or wrongly conclude that the media landscape is free.  We must however, admit it has improved. But, what has Cameroon really benefited from the liberalisation of the media since 1990?

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Cameroon-Haiti Money Saga: Doubts persist after minister’s outburst

Almost two weeks after Cameroon’s Minister of Communication ferociously attacked Le Messager and claimed the Cameroon government had issued a cheque for Haiti following the 12 January earthquake; there still seem to be more doubts as to whether any effective payments have been made.

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Suspension of Sky One Radio and anarchy in Cameroon

The suspension or ban of Sky One Radio in Yaoundé, Cameroon by the Minister of Communication, Issa Tchiroma on August 17, shows the many facets of the country.The decision, which is multidimensional, falls within the framework of stifling free speech and equally brings to limelight some of the latter’s excesses. It also shows the laxity with which the Cameroon government handles issues, the impunity in the country and the lost of faith by many citizens on the nation’s weak institutions managed by “strong men”.

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Media and the use/misuse of the appellation “International Community”

Various media organs around the world operating from their own agenda have always been using the phrase “international community” to accept or negate certain issues and events. It is in most cases made without attributions therefore coming as sweeping statements which may just be reflecting the views of the journalist or the media organ.

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Journalism and propaganda: Falling into the dragnet of politicians.


Journalism and propaganda: Consciously and unconsciously falling into the dragnet of politicians


In communication, we always want to drive home meaning in what we say. Be it business

communication, development communication, political communication, international communication or simply …

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Development Communication as a panacea to world’s major problems

Development Communication as a panacea/solution to world’s major problems The world is more than ever before faced with the growing challenges such as poverty alleviation, improvement in health conditions, education, political and women empowerment, climate change, terrorism, immigration among o…

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