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The imbroglio in Cote D Ivoire: A function of servitude, corruption and unpatriotism

By Aloysius AGENDIA

I have read with a lot of interest and in different forums various stance in relations to the recent and ongoing problems in Cote D Ivoire and on the problems plaguing Africa in general. I have read also the insistence that the only solution is for Africans take their destiny in their own hands and stop blaming people.  Quite a good number of those views are true but generally, the positions that seem to apportion the blame on African ordinary citizens are wrong and do not help our cause in anyway. Does identifying the real cause of a problem constitute apportioning blame unnecessarily? I am yet to be clarified on that.  At the end of the article is my response to the stance taken by Dr.  Christopher  Fomunyoh  on the ongoing election imbroglio in Cote D Ivoire. Dr Chris Fomunyoh is  Africa Director of the National Democratic Institute and presidential aspirant in Cameroon for the upcoming polls in 2011.

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