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Cameroon’s free fall health system: Two videos shock the world

Aloysius AGENDIA

 There are two despicable videos of our health system currently doing the rounds on the World Wide Web. The two videos from the Francophone and Anglophone parts of Cameroon reiterate the urgent need for us to salvage our chronically sick health system. They showcase the thousand  of cases of  flaunt unprofessional, and unethical nature of our medical practitioners on one hand, the total flouting of our basic right to good health and, the mismanagement of our of health sector by a chain of people in the Ministry of Public Health. These videos aptly describe the bitter reality in Cameroon- the free fall health system. Watching a medical doctor totally indifferent as a patient dies and another medical doctor cum administrator demonstrate the terribly wanting nature of our hospital is indeed, unnerving. The videos have shocked the world but are “non event” in Cameroon or for those who are versed with the situation in Cameroon because such cases are too common in a government that has “sold shame and bought disgrace”.

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African rulers, local medical researchers and western hospitals



One of the biggest problem that has plagued the smooth take off of African countries is the deliberate refusal of the colonial administrators we have in most of Africa called presidents, to support local initiatives.


Initiatives in the field of medical research, engineering, agricultu…

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Murder of Cameroonian girl reignites worries on trade in human parts

Murder of Cameroonian girl reignites worries on trade in human parts

Peace loving Cameroonians and Nigerians were again on November 10, 2008, taken aback with discovery of the gruesome murder of a Cameroonian lady, Ngeyi Xaverie Marie, allegedly by her concubine, a certain Nigerian born Chika Jude (See photo). The unfortunate girl was killed cold blooded and some of her body parts like eyes, private parts removed.



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