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MY “WISH”, our CHALLENGES for 2009 and beyond

MY “WISH”, our CHALLENGES for 2009 and beyond.

Some people call it a wish but, I prefer to talk of a challenge. It is a challenge for me to accelerate in 2009, my contribution to human enlightenment, consciousness and knowledge as well as to keep on learning from others.

The greatest problem plaguing the world today is neo colonialism, imperialism by a privileged few, who are so determined to dominate the world in all aspects and make others eternal “slaves”. This has been manifested through horrible exploitation, sponsoring of conflict, terror and horror, and bullying of others especially the “weak”. Were others born to play the second fidlle? I do not think so. We must struggle to position ourselves and not only rely on circumstances but create those circumstances and opportunities.

In a chat with a friend in Belgium, he told me that the world is already too complicated and we just have to dance the dance as it is without challenging or questioning the status quo. I told him if the present status quo was made by man within a very long period of time, it can also be changed by man not necessarily the people who made it, though, also within an even longer time frame.

As a development, international journalist and communicator, I will not only report events as they are. I must go beyond the mere reporting, to give some details that I know, of what might have triggered an event. It is not enough to report that people have been killed or are being exploited. Why and how are they being killed and what can be done to stop such exploitation and massacres? We must only write that in books but talk of it everyday to create the needed awareness.

In a collective way, we can alter the injustice implanted hundreds of years ago. If we believe in it and above all believe in ourselves, we can start now and in another one thousand years to come or so to come, we should have made a better place for many to live in , just as others prepared it for the few enjoying now.

It does not suffice to believe in change, we must believe in ourselves to effect the change needed". (Agendia Aloysius)

Journalist, development communicator.

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