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Is military intervention needed in Zimbabwe?

Is military intervention needed in Zimbabwe? What is presently doing the rounds in some news media and fora is the declared wish by some countries to wage war on Zimbabwe so as to “liberate” the people of that country from the pangs of what has been described as a dictatorial regime. Some are for, others against. Where are you? Meeting in Yaoundé, Cameroon on December 10, a group of African intellectuals attending the 12 congress of the Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa CODESRIA in very strong terms condemned any use of force in Zimbabwe. “.....We, the undersigned African scholars, are greatly concerned about threats of military intervention in Zimbabwe, ostensibly in the name of human rights and for humanitarian purposes.” They however, recognised the political impasse in the country but prefer diplomacy and appreciated the efforts of SADC because “…military intervention in Zimbabwe will militarise the whole of Southern Africa.” They cited DRC and Somalia as failed areas where force has been irrationally used with disastrous consequences. I may add Iraq. The document is signed by Professors Issa Shivji, Samir Amin, and 200 other scholars who attended the 12th Congress of CODESRIA, in Yaoundé Cameron. Who is who to tell a leader of another sovereign country that, time is up for him to leave power. The disaster in Iraq is there for us to see and draw conclusions. Those who have money to sponsor wars and who claim to be so concern about the health of Zimbabweans and other disadvantaged people world over, should have funded and facilitated the purchase and redistribution of the land in Zimbabwe which without mincing words, is the cause of the mayhem in that country today. I have never seen a situation where a group of countries or call them people, have been so united to punished someone they consider "recalcitrant" so as to give warning lesions to any other African leader who may want to “rebel” against the imposed “natural order”; imperialism and domination. Who are those funding the Tshangari(s), the rebels in Niger Delta, Nigeria, the Laurent Kunda(s), the Vincent Oti(s), who were those who funded the Savimbi(s) Jonas and paraded him as a liberator, the Foday Sankos, Samuel Doe, Les Forces Nouvelle in Cote D' Ivoire, who are those sowing confusion in Sudan, Chad, Central Africa Republic, who are those who killed Patrice Lumumba, Sankara, John Garang, Felix Moumie, Ernest Ouandie, Nnamdi Azikiwe.etc??? Who were those who coerced Ahidjo of Cameroon to resign and brought in Paul Biya who continues to serve neo colonial interest? These very people are setting confusion here and there, shipping weapons with "aide" and making us think they care when they do not really care at all. They know so well that a stable Africa will mean a diminished west. Unfortunately, these very people have successfully brainwashed a good number of African “educated elite" who now profess intellectual dishonesty just because they want something to eat. Robert Mugabe may have stayed too long but Morgan Tshangari is no better choice. To an extend, I buy the idea of the think tank who suggested that the better way might be to keep the two, Morgan and Mugabe away from power. But that is difficult still. They both love power. Tshangari‘s tactics have already proven that he cannot govern. He appears to be more of someone who is coming to auction the country back to the imperialists and the poverty creating and aggravating Bretton Woods institution for his personal survival and that of his accomplices. Another powerful wind of change, this time around, a real one needs to blow across Africa. But to achieve this, Africans need to sit up and make self critiques. I have never seen a dictator who organises elections and looses. African problems need African solutions. Inasmuch as we do not realise that, the situation will hardly ever change. Remove Jack and put Sam, in a few years we return to the same situation or even find ourselves in a worst situation. Very unfortunately too, the likes of young die hard African generation leaders like the Thomas Sankara(s), and the Lumumba(s) contrast with another generation like the Compoare(s), Odinga(s), Faure Eyadema(s), and the Joseph Kabila(s) etc. OMG, Safe this continent.

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