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European Africans, Asian Africans, and native Africans must work together


A lot has been written and said about the emancipation of Africa and making sure that its resources are used to develop the continent first. Many have been urged to join the fight but there are some groups, which have hardly ever been evoked.



Who ever told you that the scramble for Africa ended in the 1880s? No. It continues up till date with China, some European countries, American firms and some “international” bodies piloted by various imperialist lobby groups vying for direct or indirect control of the political and economic system of various countries within the subcontinent.



Their successes from one stage to another, under the coordination of the neo colonial and terrible regimes we have in most of African have caused us harm and the harm is killing too many people.


Before and during colonisation, several people from other parts of the world came to Africa. Some opted to remain there for good, either to live the peaceful life Africa experienced at the time, enjoy the natural environments or simply and worst still, act as relay to the continues oppression which Africa has suffered till date.



These people include European Africans, Chinese Africans, American African, and Indian Africans. While some have deemed it necessary to bury the colonial-imposed superiority complex and work for the development of Africa, a lot more still think they are in Africa to control and dominate.



These people must understand that they owe a serious responsibility, which is working for the emancipation and subsequent development of this continent which has given them everything for almost nothing but insults. Native Africans themselves must understand that the latter group is in Africa to stay and they must consider them as brothers in the same house.


The cat and mouse relationship or the seemingly Jewish/Palestinian relationship must give way to meaningful dialogue and understanding for us to work as a force.


During a chat with a Norwegian friend, she told me of this wonderful South African newspaper called The Mail and Guardian”.


I asked her how wonderful is the paper and whether her judgement was based on its content, the financial prowess or the ability to update stories as they occur? She just said the paper is very nice.

I have never limited my measurement of any strong media organ only on its ability to let the story out immediately or first. What they tell, how they tell and why, is very important.


After a close look at the online edition of the newspaper and equally reading the comments posted underneath articles, one is tempted to draw a conclusion that South Africa remains terribly racially divided, with some people thinking that they are there to dominate by all possible means and others feeling that South Africa belongs only to them naturally.



This applies to countries like Mozambique, Angola, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Cote D ‘Ivoire etc. It is high time; European-Africans, Asian-Africans, American-Africans and native Africans unite for the cause of this forsaken continent.


Most native Africans do not have a second home across the Atlantic or over the Mediterranean unlike the latter. However, European African, American Africans, Asian Africans most often can leave to their “other home” at any time they want, reason why some argue that they have to make sure that the interest of their second home are well protected.




Most nations, which turn around to preach democracy, freedom and human rights, are the very nations supporting killers and dictators, looting peoples’ resources. Nobody is there to stand for Africa as people stood for Israel despite the fact that Africa has suffered the highest mass killings and torture in history


Nevertheless, what am driving home is that we Africans (of all colours and various descents) must have to reunite just as the Jews did and are a strong nation today.


I understand international bodies that adequately supported the Jews, may not be willing to support Africa as such. Africa does not need doubtful pharmaceutical supplies in the names of vaccines and drugs; Africa does not need any aide or call it financial assistance.


However, fellow Africans irrespective of colour, it is high time we unite and cooperate from our various angles in the globe and build a strong continent beginning with our various countries.

I may not want to start now talking of a United States of Africa, but it is important we start building our countries first. The terrible imbalances and segregation within our continent cannot be allowed to continue. If they do, we are preparing a time bomb which when it explodes, we risk loosing everything even those who had grabbed everything for themselves.


There is totally no justification whatsoever that a continent endowed with resources remains the least developed. There is no justification that the Niger Delta, which is the oil wealth in Nigeria, remains one of the least developed in that country. Africans (of all colours) already have the needed expertise.

From my little experience and research, in most cases, so-called expatriates have very little or nothing to offer. People must not be given high salaries based on their colour, but on what to do.


It again becomes disturbing that when people are deprived for so long, they resolve to other means to achieve what they ought to have.


These means are often unconventional and this is what most media will hang on and relay rather than portraying the roots causes of any event, which in my case is the news behind the news.


The group of person mention in the countries above may not be in all countries like my country Cameroon and the entire Central African sub region.


However, the suffocating and poverty aggravating Breton woods policies that have landed Cameroon and many countries in the abyss have virtually tranferred the management of the country’s economy to the hands of people who have no interest in the county other than use Cameroon and Africa as transit airport for wealth. These are trends which we must reverse with time and soon. A Revolution needed. In addition, if so what type?

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