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Cameroonians: Stand up and say NO to the Bretton Woods and the NWO

By Aloysius AGENDIA

During my Economics lessons in school, our teacher told us that privatization was a key element in developing the economy of any country. According to him, privatization does not only allow for competition- hence better services,  it also pumps in more money into the government coffers. This is academically true and it is good if it is well implemented.

 However, all that is theory as privatization nowadays has nothing to do with improving services. It is  just the control of power and profits. The privatization especially that preached by the World Bank/IMF is rooted in allowing a totally free market in all sectors with little or no government control.  It is just like the economic partnership agreements APE signed by many African countries with some developed nations. Privatization in Cameroon and most of Africa has had no  impact in quality services.

 That is exactly what has partly increased misery, disease and poverty in Africa- the wanton privatization and liberalization deals imposed by the proponents of the New World Social and Economic Order, partly represented by the IMF and World Bank. The agenda of this clique, most of whom are controlled by freemasonry, greed, imperialism  and sheer wickedness, is nothing short of making sure   that the world economic forces are driving by a few within a particular group.

 This demonic group would therefore be able to easily (as it is already the case in many African countries) control the political institutions. As the former USA president once said, "They who seek to establish systems of government based on the regimentation of all human beings by a handful of individual rulers call this a new world order. It is not new and it is not order." - Franklin D. Roosevelt.

 On November 10, 2010, two representatives of this neo-colonial, anti development and poverty aggravating body- the IMF/World Bank, in person of Mary Barton Dock, Director of Operation in the World Bank and, Jamal Saghir, Director of UN “Sustainable” Development-World Bank/Africa Region once again reiterated the need for the Cameroon government to restructure one of the few left state companies, Cameroon Telecommunications; CAMTEL. According to these folks, any development and the eventual kick off of the Cameroon economy will pass through the eventual privatization of this company and liberalization of the sector.


When these Bretton Woods zealots came to convince some of their accomplices in Cameroon to privatise CAMTEL, I wonder if the same institution for which they work have ever made any evaluation of the companies which they forced the Cameroon neo-colonial government to privatise or cede to their “friends”.  Just a few examples.

 The former state own electricity company SONEL, was “bought” by American group AES SONEL and  since then, service delivery has gone from bad to worse. High electricity bills, intermittent power cuts, redundancy, terrible decrease in rural electrification since every thing now is driven by profits. In fact, candidly, this is a fail example of wanton IMF/World Bank imposed privatisation.

 Besides SONEL, the former state-own Railway Company; REGIFERCAM was auctioned to the French group and it is now called CAMRAIL. Just as AES SONEL, poor services, sacking of employees, no improvement in rail way system and total chaos in the rail transport system in Cameroon has characterised their operations since privatisation.

 Furthermore, one of the worst crimes committed against a people was again the privatisation of the water. An abomination indeed because water needs to be provided free of charge to all Cameroonians. Giving the control of water to “foreigners” may pave the way for the use of Cameroonians as test tubes for all sorts of things which I hesitate to mention.  Despite privatisation being preached by the Bretton Woods as the panacea for underdevelopment, nothing has not improved.

 Again, Cameroon’s largest employer after the government, the agro-industrial company Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC) was coerced to privatise the tea section with the complicit of the some of the incompetent neo-colonial aristocratic class in Cameroon. Hundreds have died since then because they lost their jobs and have not been able to take care of themselves. The Tea estate is virtually dead.

For the IMF folks to come and ask the Cameroon government to privatised CAMTEL is an insult. They either consider Cameroonians as stupid or, they know that the neo-colonial aristocracy in power will bow to their demands after some gesticulations. After all, how many of these so-called leaders have their kids in Cameroon, how many of them do medical consultations in Cameroon? The questions ar e many. 

 Though I agree that some mobile telephone companies could be brought in, my worry lies with agreements on the tariffs charged by these companies. Despite the presence of three operators in Cameroon, the market is more of a monopoly. These three companies do not only employ less people but charge extremely high. It would be better for government to impose a maximum charge of say  FCFA 10 per minute or FCFA 50 per call for mobile calls within the country and of the same operator. 8 million telephone subscribers in a population of 19 million is much, the issue is that Cameroonians are being exploited under privatization without citizen oriented regulations.

 I do understand that in as much  the neo-colonial class mismanaging Cameroon do want to auction our assets and fill their pockets, there are a few inside the gerontocracy in Cameroon who still have some patriotic feelings.

 Cameroonians must say NO to wanton privatization and even if any such privatization were to take place, it must be strictly controlled by the government.  I am not a communist, but we must seriously guard ourselves against power mongering capitalist and imperialists.

 As the former British Prime Minister once said, “What is the use of living, if it be not to strive for noble causes and to make this muddled world a better place." Winston Churchill.

 We must therefore work at improving the world and making it a better place for all, not a place for those who think they want to hold the world in the palms and go unquestioned.

 The least corrupt countries in the world such as Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Iceland, and New Zealand are not capitalist/free market economies. In as much as there is a heavy private sector activity, the state still controls most sectors with the interest of the citizenry at heart.

 Even if these countries were to abandon their current scheme and opt for a totally free market and 100 percent privatization, it would not be a good example for African countries and my country Cameroon to follow.

Inasmuch as there may be strict control in private sector, it can also be implemented under a government control system with the presence of private sector operators too. The problem is the political will and the fact that Cameroon like Africa has never had patriotic leaders with visions for national growth.

 Many Cameroonians roads, airports, oil, gas, sea port-(fishery sector) etc have been privatized with devastating consequences on the people.

 Wanton and unchecked privatization and private sector activities under the so called free market, is a farce. And we promise it, we will nationalize all state companies auctioned to mongers under the frame work of “sustainable” development and privatization when we take back our country.

 If the leaders/rulers of Cameroon want to save the country, let them not privatized government assets. Instead,  let them employ Cameroonians in these companies and the public service based on merit, and they will see the magic in the name of development.

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