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Cameroonians: Stand up and say NO to the Bretton Woods and the NWO

By Aloysius AGENDIA

During my Economics lessons in school, our teacher told us that privatization was a key element in developing the economy of any country. According to him, privatization does not only allow for competition- hence better services,  it also pumps in more money into the government coffers. This is academically true and it is good if it is well implemented.

 However, all that is theory as privatization nowadays has nothing to do with improving services. It is  just the control of power and profits. The privatization especially that preached by the World Bank/IMF is rooted in allowing a totally free market in all sectors with little or no government control.  It is just like the economic partnership agreements APE signed by many African countries with some developed nations. Privatization in Cameroon and most of Africa has had no  impact in quality services.

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