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Cameroon: STARTLING REVELATIONS: Vice PM fears Anglo-Bami power, denounces corrupt opposition and military.

In a WikiLeaks cable released on September 1, 2011 Cameroon’s Vice Prime Minister,  Minister of Justice and Keeper of the Seal, Amadou Ali, makes startling revelations and declarations in a very confidential chat on February 27, 2009, with the former US Ambassador to Cameroon, Elizabeth Janet Garvey.  After reading through the cable, these are the salient points I have taken for you.  I have divided them under corruption, the military and politics.


Amadou Ali claims that John Fru Ndi (leader of the main opposition party, The Social Democratic Front- SDF) is very corrupt, arguing that he embezzled funds which were given in support of the party by the former President of Cote D’Ivoire Laurent Gbagbo.

Amadou Ali says the President of Cameroon, Paul Biya should have fired former Defence Minister Remy Ze Meka long ago. According to him Ze Meka was embezzling fund for the BIR.

He also reveals that Cameroon’s generals are excessively corrupt.

He says the government was to focus more on recovery stolen funds than continuing with arrest. That the government was to discuss with potential embezzlers who will be compel to return the funds or face prosecution OBS Cameroonians do not know how much has been recovered.

He admits that the operation Epervier of Sparraw Hawks as the series of arrest of senior government embezzlers was dubbed risk destabilising the country.  OBS Cameroonians have always doubted the sincerity of the operation as they believe that it was too selective and meant to settle political scores.


Amadou Ali says Cameroon arm force is very fragmented and the risk of ever staging a coup d etat are very minimal. More so, various units are under the direct command of President Paul Biya.

Amadou Ali reveals that there is rivalry in the Cameroon arm force between (Rapid Intervention Battalion-BIR) and the regular army. According to Ali, the regular army is jealous of the success of BIR

In the cable it is revealed the former Israeli defence attached Abraham Avi Sivan who controlled BIR had both Cameroon and Israeli nationality with two valid passports. OBS. However, dual nationality in Cameroon is illegal and the case of this colonel Sivan, as well as those of footballers and other senior government officials just shows that many people are above the law in Cameroon.


Amadou Ali also says that Northerners will never vote anybody other than Paul Biya. Should Biya designate another Buli/Beti or Bamileke to succeed him, that person will not receive any support from the North. It must be Biya all the time.

Ali also notes that Fru Ndi (who is widely believed to have won the 1992 elections) is no longer a political force in Cameroon.

He says the real opposition in Cameroon are grasslanders (People from the Southwest and Northwest Regions-Anglophones and Bamileke people ie, people from the West Region-Bamileke people).

He says Bamileke people have taken over Douala, the economic capital of Cameroon and are sending the women to other parts of Cameroon to settle and give birth so as to eventually take over such areas.

It is stated in the cable that the Bamileke already wield a lot of economic power and it will be a big error to hand over political power to them.

True confessions?

Aloysius AGENDIA

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Developing a campaign website against Herakles farm. I am a son of the soil and i am very much concern about the illegal behaviour of herakles. Even it means going into war then i am readily available to offer my services and expertise to overcome these modern day exploitation.


No Contribuable (Taxpayer’s No): P067600500847B
(SW/GP/02/06/5520) November 20, 2006
Unique Cameroon Ecotourism Group (UCEG)
(SW/GP/30/07/5803) March 1, 2007 Buea
Ref. No. NF/letters/010-13/HSGSOC
Mboka-Bassosi, Nguti Sub Division
Kupe/M. Division, South West Region, Douala
Cameroon-Africa 18th January 2013
(Branch Locations: Mboka,Kumba, Buea, Nguti, Douala.......................................................................

Dear Sir/Madam,

COALITION of RESISTANCE against HERAKLES FARMS/Sithe Global Sustainable Oils Cameroon (SG SOC) Capitalist Deceitful/Dubious LAND GRAP and “GREENWASHING”

Following the meeting of our 12 man executive members, held in Douala recently, the following resolutions were tabled as a process to CONTINUE TO GIVE LIGTH and DIRECTION to our coalition partners/Communities and Stakeholhers:

A. We refuse to SELL OUR LAND
B. WE ARE TRADING OUR LAND. (not selling, not giving away and not “leasing out”)
C. Our community is happy, and privileged to work with SG SOG, but WE SHALL WELCOME and accept HERAKLES FARMS ON CONDITIONS that THE COMMUNITY IS SATISFIED and adequately informed, consulted and compensated.
D. If the community is ignored, they are prepared to USE ALL NECESSARY MEANS AVAILABLE TO RESIST and STOP the “Deceitful and Dubious LAND GRAPING” BY WHOEVER.

This proposal is drafted by the NGEN FOUNDATION TEAM and it is expected to be legally drafted and signed between the Natives/ chiefs, Traditional councils, Elites, The Local Municipalities, government representatives and the US Capitalist, HERAKLES Farms/SG SOG:

- We (the Bassosi, Oroko of Ndian, Mbo, and Bakossi Communities) request seven percent (7%) share (negotiable) into this giant project. Part of our contribution/share is our land.
- From the date of commencement, our land surface should not be touched till after five years (2013 to 2018) for proper re-visiting and cross checking of terms and planting of boundary pillars.
- HERAKLE FARMS/SG SOG is expected to provide LAND RENTAL FEES (negotiable) to the Traditional Councils of the villages affected,
- The investor (HERAKLES FARMS/SG SOCS) is expected to explain their PLAN OF ACTION to the stakeholders (the communities, environmentalist, lawyers, and government officials) before any meaningful decisions is concluded. Meaning, a detail MAP of the Project Charter must be disclosed (with all relevant partners, both nationally and internationally) brought together on a round table.

- The size of the land REQUESTED for use from the community must be reduced. This clause stands as a must considering the dangers and consequences the community will suffer in the cause of this project.

- HERAKLES Farms/SG SOG IS EXPECTED to compensate all those directly affected by their houses, villages, farm land, settlements, and re-settlements. Terms of compensations are strictly negotiable.
- All “secret meetings” with individuals should be cancelled and avoided completely. HERAKLE FARM/SG SOC should re-start new dignified procedures, new better ways of negotiation with the communities, and all dubious schemes cancelled.

- The entire land surface expected to be occupied by HERAKLE Farms should be:
a. Demarcated
b. Inspected by parties and stakeholders,
c. Accepted by parties, before effective occupation

- The expected area to be occupied should not be “destroyed” completely and entirely in one instance (we suggest gradual occupation).
- Buffer zones should be strictly respected and measures put in place to check in cases of violation and penalties stated clearly in cases of over-lapping and violations.

- Local Farms (existing farmlands) should not be tempered with. Existing cocoa, coffee, palms and farms lands should remain untouched.
- We request PERMANENT LONG TERM EMPLOYMENT of our indigenes into key personnel positions; notably in Management, Technical, and Supervisory positions for our sons and daughters (both at the plantations and at the Head Office/Overseas). These positions shall be reserved permanently for these natives as long as the company exist on our land. These positions shall be included into the final draft of MEMORANDUM of UNDERSTANDING. So long as we continue to provide qualified personnel’s to handle such positions, they shall not be ceded away from us.
- In situations where a village shall be displaced; special terms and conditions shall be negotiated,
- Education and Research grants to the children of our sub division is not left out.
- Support and co-sponsor the Development projects
• Cocoa warehouses, Water projects, Community Halls, Schools, and Hospitals
- The existence and security of the NATIVES and their right to co-exist with this giant conglomerates should be guaranteed. Security measures must be put in place to secure the existence of the original inhabitants of the land in question.

- We request the privilege for our sons and daughters to take up permanent contracts in the running of this project. CONTRACTORS from amongst the people must be given rights and privileges. Natives, indigenes, elite, environmentalist and subsidiary stakeholders from amongst the people are expected to contract in areas such as:
• Supply of spares, and trucks,
• Supply of furniture, and stationeries,
• Building contracts
• Restoration (restaurant & food supply contracts)
• Supply of Uniforms for workers, badges and tools
• Supply of daily work materials

- AT THE FINAL END OF THE MEMORANDUM, The COMMUNITY is expected to SHOW VALID DOCUMENTED PROOF of having accepted all the terms of HERAKLES FARMS/SG SOC. Such a document (final memorandum) must show proof of the SUSTAINANBILITY of the project, how ENVIRONMENTAL interest is considered, and how the rights of the people in this community are protected.
1. “According to the contract the government will collect $1.00 per hectare (2.47 acres) for state land that is developed, and US $0.50 per hectare (2.47 acres) for state land that is not developed. With the 2% yearly increase and for developed land, the state will collect $1.22 per hectare after 10 years, $ 1.48 after 20 years, and $ 2.69 after 50 years and $ 7.10 at the 99th year. But none of this money will compensate the Cameroonians who have lost rights to their land in a country where small-scale agriculture is key to survival.”

2. “This oil palm plantation could destroy over 180,000 acres of high conservation value forest and smallholder farmland, an area more than four times the size of Washington, DC. “
3. This project is bad for the environment and bad for the people in question.
4. The livelihood of local communities are threatened by this project

We are equally expected to organise ourselves and be engaged to play our part while hoping that HERAKLES FARMS/SG SOC shall surely comply with our demands, we equally have to get ourselves prepared to meet the challenges ahead of us. These suggestions apply to all persons within the entire Nguti Sub Division (Mbo, Balong, Bassosi, Oroko and Bakossi of Kupe/M and Ndian rspectively).

1. Submit your name and a photocopy of your ID Card,
2. Register yourself as a viable contractor,
3. Inform relatives far and wide about our interest to preserve our rights to participate and exist in meaningful development,
4. Organise ourselves in trade unions, corporative, CIG’s, NGO’s and other registered development bodies,
5. Open bank accounts, web sites, and other channels to make our voices real & heard
6. Participate in our enlarge General Assembly Meeting (with the communities) at Mboka-Nguti, South West Province Cameroon.
7. Encourage and call all well wishers to join forces with us,
8. NGEN FOUNDATION together with NGOs, chiefs, elite, environmentalist and well wishers, is willing to file complaints if SG SOC refuses to negotiate properly. SG SOC must stop all further encroachments into our lands until all negotiations are completed.
9. We beckoned on SG SOC to properly consult the LOCAL COMMUNITIES.
10. SG SOC should gain free, prior and inform consent of the Bassosi, Ndian, Mbo, Balong and Bakossi local communities.
11. Special clauses shall be included for handicapped, aging, disabled and less privilege groups
a. CONTRACTORS in the Sub. Division should submit their documents (for awareness and alertness)
b. All local CIG’s, Economic Groups, farmers Cooperatives, and NGO’s (registered) should submit their documents and make their presence known (preparedness & awareness).
c. All literate persons (potential Managing Directors, Sub Directors at home & abroad) should forward their names and CV’s to strengthen this fight and preserve interest.

(e.g., Rural Engineers, Technical Engineers, Agricultural Personnel’s, Human resource Persons, Graduates of all level, Secondary and High School LEAVERS, Primary Level certificates)

d. All local technicians and skilled laborers should equally register their names and portfolios at the NGEN FOUNDATION offices (Kumba, Buea, Nguti, Douala)
e. All able bodied male and females (active youths) should register in their various village councils for training and further informations

13. All documents should be forwarded either to:
a. NGEN FOUNDATION Offices in Kumba, Buea, Nguti, Mboka and Douala
b. Chiefs/Regents of villages
c. Presidents of Village Development meetings

- Our Bassosi/Mbo, Bakossi and Ndian communities say “No” to Herakles Farm Dubious land grabbing
- The communities of Ndian and Kupe-Manenguba Divisions in Southwest Cameroon say “No” to the “LAND GRAP” of 73,086 hectares (180,599.4 acres, 282 square miles) of land by the US-based company SG Sustainable Oils Cameroon (SG SOC) for a 99-year lease.

We warn against domineering practices by people from other regions. Hidden plans to enslave our people into servitude should decode from now henceforth. Warning against plans to encroach into our lands from behind the scene.

Danger to their investment on our lands is been watch from every position around the globe. We are law abiding citizens. Never in our history has there been a situation where we have been noted for flagrant violation of the law. The VOICES of these communities should not be push to the wall which may result and provoke these indigenes to behave like the “Taliban’s”. The “bayan mulenge’s” where never created to be disloyal. Circumstances pushed them to the realm of disloyalty.
- No man ever gave birth to a child and ordained that child to be a “gorilla warrior”. Yet “gorilla warriors” usually setup themselves whenever peace is not given a chance.
- This God fearing and law abiding citizens of this community have never taken project hostage, and never burned places like “Bokam Haram”; yet that does not excluded them from acting “better” than the “Bokam” and the “Harams.”
- HERAKLES/SG SOC should avoid situations where the General Community should decide to use “un-orthodox” methods to stop their activities.
a. If our voices are ignored, street protest matches both in and within our communities cannot be ignored. From the Governor’s office in Douala and Buea, and then to the local communities.
b. If all legal required doors are closed and all petition letters are ignored, HERAKLE FARMS/SG SOG will be accused of fanning widespread social unrest and instability.
c. If HERAKLE Farms/SG SC decides to engage in indiscriminate rampant deforestation, the earth itself will fight with ELEPHANTS defending their rights to exist in the forest.
d. If the will and rights of the people are trampled under foot, Top High level Press Conferences will not be stopped with Protest T-Shirt, Placards and Banners.
e. If political voices refuse to speak out to our favour, the community may turn to search for a better political place of refuge.
f. If the INCUMBENT administration insists to defend HERAKLES FARMS/SG SOG, against the wishes of the people, the community shall consider that they have been rejected in their own fatherland and shall turn to re-discover their real, true and original national identity.

May the Almighty God in His Son Jesus Christ be glorified entirely at the end of this venture in Jesus mighty name. Amen


Rev. Takha Eyenni Nelson (Prelate)
Delegate/General Coordinator
NGEN FOUNDATION/ Acting President “Adié Bané Mboka” Douala Branch
P.O. Box 887 Douala, Cameroon, Africa.
Phone: 237.7146.9068, 237.7745.8569, 7442.0269
Fax: 237.3339.3877 Email:

Engineer Raymond Abanda
Senior Policy Analyst, Rayband Oil Services Ltd, Nigeria

 Abie Rita Nmeti....................................
 Hannah Ebika Atem
 Subi Diane Nkalle
 Odette Ebong
 Eben Helen (Evangelist)

 Ndoh’nya
 Besong Ndep Williams
 Ayaba Grace
 Matina Forbia Ebenki
 Elizabeth Ako Bisong

• The Prime Minister, Head of Government
• The Minister of Forestry and Wildlife
• The Minister of Environment and Protection of Nature
• The Minister of Economy, Planning and Regional Development
• The Minister of Property and Land Tenure
• THE Member of Parliament Nguti constituency
• The Mayor Nguti Rural Council
• The Embassy of the United States of America
• The Governor South West Region
• The SDO Kupe Muanenguba Division
• The Divisional Officer, Nguti Sub Division
• The Divisional Delegate State Property and Land Tenure Kupe/M Div.
• Court of Appeal Buea High Court
• The State Council Kupe/Muanenguba
• The President of the Bangem Court, Kupe Muanenguba

• The CPDM Section President Kupe Muanenguba
• The National President Bassosi Cultural and Development Association, (MBOUM NSUASE)
• The President, NGUSCUDA
• The Presidents of All Cultural and Development Groups, Nguti Sub Division
• Think Tank of Nguti Sub Division
• EXTERNAL and INTERNAL Elite, Nguti Sub Division
• All Chiefs Nguti Sub Division
• All Bassosi Village Traditional Councils
• Oroko Cultural Association, USA
• Ndian Youths Economic and Cultural Organisation (NYECO), Cameroon

• H&B Consulting
• Cultural Survival, USA
• Korup Rainforest Conservation Society (KRCS), Cameroon
• The Country Director, German-Cameroon Corporation (GTZ)
• The Country Director, World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF)
• The country Director, World Conservation Society
• Nature Cameroon, South West Cameroon
• The Oakland Institute, USA
• Presbyterian Hunger Program (PHP), USA
• Pro Wildlife, Germany
• RELUFA--Réseau de Lutte contre la Faim, Cameroon
• SAVE Wildlife Conservation Fund Stiftung, Germany
• IRAD Ekona
• German NGO “SAVE Wildlife Conservation Fund”
• Director, Struggle to Economize Future Environment (SEFE)
• Political Parties
• Churches in the Sub Division
• Human Rights Groups/Organisation
• Lawyers concerned (Legal Luminaries)
• Elders, Traditional title holders, farmers, teachers, community leaders,
• Hunters and NGOs from the different villages in and around the proposed plantation.
• LOCAL and NTENATIONAL Press/Media, FACEBOOK, TWITTERS, Hi5 (All sons and daughters oversee)

Below are pictures of destructive activities of HERAKLES/SG SOG (courtesy of all photos downloaded from the internet)

able forest for new palm oil plantations.

Herakles Farms / SGSOC oil palm nursery, Talangaye Village, Southwest Province, Cameroon (Photo by D. Hoyle courtesy WWF Cameroon)

A protest in Toko village against SGSOC, June 2012. (Photos © Franck Bieleu / Oakland Institute)

Timber left next to the Herakles Farms palm oil nursery in Fabe Village. (Photo © Jan-Joseph Stok / Greenpeace)


Photos reveal destruction of Cameroon rainforest for palm oil

Clearing of trees in a concession area of Herakles Farm’s area for a palm oil plantation. Greenpeace says these clearings are illegal since Herakles' lease has not been given final approval. Herakles Farm did not respond to request for comment. Photo: © Greenpeace/Alex Yallop.

Oil palm nursery in a Herakles Farm’s concession area. Last year Herakles Farms said it had permission to set up three nurseries covering 100 hectares even before producing a Social and Environmental Impact Assessment (SEIA). Photo: © Greenpeace/Alex Yallop.

Rainforest in the concession area. In the past, Herakles stated it would not clear High Conservation Value Forest (HCVF). Photo: © Greenpeace/Alex Yallop.

Construction equipment in forest cleared by Herakles Farms. Photo: © Greenpeace/Alex Yallop.

Forest and river in Herakles' concession area. Photo: © Greenpeace/Alex Yallop.


very wrod I lover!


It is normal for fears to be casted on the Anglo-Bami power because the Bami hold the economy and are thus capable of paralysing this economy at any moment. Concerning the Anglophones, there is a small and non negligible group of them who want separation of the Anglophone zone from the Francophone area of Cameroon. Very engaged in this action is the SCNC, and such people can cause uprisings in the country. The opppsition is very money minded in our country and most can are ready to have themselves instrumentalised in exchange for money and they will in turn intrumentalise the population and bring about unrest in the country. In the recent bank rub at the Bonaberi neighborhood in Douala, several military officials were involved and these were arrested. Such actions will have no government resting quietly. An eye is therefore set on all these groups of people.


It is normal for fears to be casted on the Anglo-Bami power because the Bami hold the economy and are thus capable of paralysing this economy at any moment. Concerning the Anglophones, there is a small and non negligible group of them who want separation of the Anglophone zone from the Francophone area of Cameroon. Very engaged in this action is the SCNC, and such people can cause uprisings in the country. The opppsition is very money minded in our country and most can are ready to have themselves instrumentalised in exchange for money and they will in turn intrumentalise the population and bring about unrest in the country. In the recent bank rub at the Bonaberi neighborhood in Douala, several military officials were involved and these were arrested. Such actions will have no government resting quietly. An eye is therefore set on all these groups of people.