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FECAFOOT: When ignominy becomes the trademark

By Aloysius AGENDIA

Less than two weeks after the flop of the Cameroonian National Football team in South Africa, with culpability attributed by fans and experts on the French coach Paul Le Guen, the football governing body FECAFOOT, the Ministry of Sports and Physical Education and the arrogance and ego of certain players, the Cameroon Football Federation is reported to already have proceeded to appoint German Luthar Mathaeus to replace Paul Le Guen after the latter’s disastrous performance. Though not confirmed by FECAFOOT, the anger of Cameroonians towards such reported but unconfirmed hasty appointments and negotiations, may make FECAFOOT to cancel or rethink  their plans.

Without any meeting to appraise the performance of the Cameroon National Team, the football supreme  ruler in Cameroon, Iya Mohammed, single-handedly went ahead to  recruit another mercenary coach for Cameroon. Yes, mercenary coach because all of Cameroon last 7 foreign coaches have been mercenaries who  did little or absolutely nothing to improve the squad yet, earned huge sums of money. Before the official arrival of Mathaeus, a man with a very low coaching profile, other German coaches have as well been disasters for Cameroon such as Winfred Schaffer and octogenarian Otto Pfister. Before then, other mercenaries such as Portuguese Arthur Jorge and Dutch Harry Anne had a stint with huge financial fallouts just as French man Paul Le Guen. Mathaeus, 49 is the highest capped German player. He  has coached the Hungarian National team as well as a low profile club, Maccabi in Israeli.

When was the vacancy for the post of Cameroonian National Team coach advertised?  It is really ridiculous that Iya Mohammed immediately left South Africa and began the search of his coach as if FECAFOOT is a sole proprietor company. Nobody knows why.  May be the first step towards cleaning Cameroon football should be organising transparent elections  in FECAFOOT.

It is completely absurd for FIFA to think the state cannot interfere in such issues at this juncture when the state still pumps in millions of tax payers’ money which is squandered for a set of incompetent, arrogant and ungrateful guys called players just as the coaching team.

 It is but clear that there are always commissions for the recruitment of a coach and Iya Mohammed who seemingly is above the law in Cameroon, will certainly cash very high on such commissions if not, benefit indirectly through the person to whom such commissions would be paid.

At a time when Cameroonians are crying for a national who masters the country and football nature of the country to coach their team, Iya Mohammed and FECAFOOT have again gone wild because of financial aggrandisement.  At a time when Cameroonians are clamouring for a national coach who will sort home-based talents  like the case in the 1990s rather than rely on lucky but incompetent so called professional playing in Europe, Iya Mohammed is again opening the door for the influx of people who at the last minute, rush to be Cameroonian just because they want to play for the national team and market themselves better.

Cameroon and North Korea were the only of the 32 teams which left South Africa without a single point. On the other hand, while North Korea had even been ranked last among the teams, Cameroon   was placed on the 8th  position according to yahoo sports wacky classifications.

 Cameroon and North Korea may even have certain things in common though they are as well diametrically opposed. North Korea considered a hostile regime by the West is far more advanced than Cameroon in every aspect of human development and even in sport infrastructure. Cameroon is considered better by the same West because Cameroonian rulers have opened up the country for looting by Western multinationals. The country is in fact, a far worst regime than that of North Korea. Just the management of football in Cameroon is enough to showcase the incompetence and corrupt nature of the country.

The Ministry of Sport and Physical Education has virtually been turned to the Ministry of Football and precisely the Ministry of the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon. As a matter of fact, even local championships are abandoned or not given considerable attention. In South Africa, each player received CFA 45 million far more than the 18 million (in principle because just about 5 million) is given as support to division one football teams in Cameroon.

These players are presented as very patriotic as if they are more patriotic than our teachers in our classroom, farmers, uniform men and women, medical staff etc. The latter apply for the jobs and most stay on merit but these players are virtually begged with huge sums of money  for a couple of minutes job that even the most hard working medical doctor may not have in his lifetime.

Many Cameroonians are puzzled by the constant refusal of country's authorities to learn from past mistakes. Some have gone as far as saying if shame, incompetence, ridicule could kill, most Cameroonians officials would have been dead by now. Again if such vices could lead to sacking or resignation, most of those in position of public responsibility in Cameroon would have either been forced to resigned or sacked.

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We now know FECAFOOT hasn't been in touch with this guy. Like I said in my earlier post, journalism such as this is also the problem in Cameroon. You can't even check your sources, verify information before posting it for the public. You create problems where non exist, your disregard for facts is amazing. If you want to be a gossip columnist, that is fine. But if you want to be taken seriously, wake up, get your hands dirty and do some work.


Worth reading.There is no such thing as learning from mistakes in Africa most esp'lly Cameroon. If our leaders can think for others then things will change in the future. There most be a complete clean up else we gonna remain in abject poverty and bondage in all aspects of life. We should then take responsibility to bring a change those of us complaining. I have cases for those who complain but when given the opportunity it is the worst. I think it is a virus, except one proofs me otherwise.


Mr Tita, I dont think this writer just like you and myself has been to North Korea. Most of what we know about that country's infrastructure is through the media and western media in particular. But sincerely speaking, i have never seen such dilapidated structures in North Korea as we have in Cameroon even when such videos are still all brought to us by western media.
The bottom line is that things are not working in Cameroon. People must learn to give chance to others if they are not able to deliver.

The people of North Korea may be "freer" than those in Cameroon but we in cameroon do not only still remain in abject poverty but also in bondage. Dont get confused by the few ferarris you see each time in various streets in Cameroon.


You can't compare North Korea's infanstructures, developement, etc with Cameroon. Get your facts straight. People like you are part of the problem, you make assertions believing yourselves to be right without knowing all the facts. I believe after a fiasco as this, Iya Mohammed should resign. The authorities should look into what happened, and how to avoid a repeat of this situation. Having a Cameroonian as coach is not an outright solution, we need a 'competent' coach(be it Cameroonian or not) who understands our culture and values and is ready to reside in Cameroon. He should build a team where we have home based cameroonians capable and ready to play in all the positions available. This provides needed competition and motivation for the professionals to give their best and be disciplined if they are selected. A lot has to be done if we are to emerge as a great football nation. Having said that, we are way better than North Korea in every aspect.


This is what people have been waiting to read in order to be moved on what to do with this guy Iya Mohamed who has taken our football to be his playing tool.He acts as if he is the supreme religious leader of a state. Many people may want to think that cameroonian football is not for Cameroonians but for this guy who does thinks as if he is the only cameroonian that should be concerned about our football.


What did you expect, Cameroon is suffering from political deccay since 1982. Nothing Good will come out from these political authorities who are there to enhance themself and families. It will take the will of God to break down this political curse over our beloved Country Cameroon, we got all the reources to make things better but our brothers and sister are holding us down in every aspect. There's nothing too hard to our God. If the people of Cameroon will humble themselves and pray surely our most High God will come and heal our land. God bless Cameroon


This is worth reading and above all if the buffons back own in the name of Cameroonian authorities can spare a moment in their useless time to read some of these stuffs, then they will think twice next time they go acting like nonetities. God bless u man and keep it up!