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Cameroon-Nweh/Bangwa People: Origin of modern humans?

March 31, 2013

Cameroon-Nweh/Bangwa, Mbo Yemba people: origin of modern humans?

A new study published in March 2013 in the American Journal of Human Genetics,has placed the  Bangwa ,

the Mbo and  the Yemba people based  in southwest and west Regions of Cameroon  at the origin of modern humans. This discovery was developed and published by scientists and geneticists of the University of Arizona, USA after the analysis of the DNA of an Africa American who submitted his DNA for tests so as to trace his family roots. They found that the male Y-chromosome found in this individual dates back to 338,000 years. Y chromosome are the hereditary factor that determine male sex. Unlike autosomal chromosomes, the Y and Mitochondrial chromosome do not mix during meiosis meaning that except for mutations, the Y haplotype remains constant from generation to generation thus enables an analysis to trace family roots. This findings pushes back by 138,000 years, the time that scientist previously believed modern humans first evolved. It’s worth noting that this discovery and subsequent publication was a completion of the work of Bonnie. Schrack, citizen scientist, Stanislaw  Pietrzak, a polish Catholic priest and T. Krahn,  who owns a testing laboratory in Houston Texas.

 The study was headed by University of Arizona Professor Fernando Mendez and colleagues. They also analyzed more than 240.000 base pairs of the Y chromosome before finally publishing their findings in the American Journal of Human Genetics early 2013.

This discovery also pushes back the time when modern humans evolved from early hominids by 70% and put the people of Fontem (Bangwa/Newh), the Mbo and Yemba people at the origin of modern humans at least for now. Samples from these individuals matched the Y chromosome DNA of 11 men (ancestors), some of whose names according to Stanislaw Pietrzak include: 
Mbekem b. 1875, Fontem
Atabong b. 1862, > Tanjuateh b. 1895, Fontem, Azi
Mbenzefeh b. 1888, Fontem
Ncheanzach TABI b. 1894, Mamfe
Tatuch b. 1903, Fontem
Tatych b. 1903, Fontem
Tatuch Anutechia b.1885, Fontem
George Techoukwi b. 1895, Fontem
Forethia b. 1885, Fontem
Emetem b. 1858, > Njualem Nwedlataw, Fontem
Aminde b. 1897, Fontem
Atemkeng b. 1846, > Thomas Ngwondong, Fontem, Lewoh.
Mbeh NtonGhawaH b. 1905, Fontem

Bangwa people, who  are also known as the Nweh people comprise all villages in Fontem subdivision such as Lebang, Essoh-Attah and others in Alou sub division such as, Lewoh,  Nwametaw, Ndungated etc in  Lebialem, Cameroon, Africa.  Bangwa  Mbo and Yemba ( bamileke)  people all share common boundaries. They also have  similar cultural heritage.

This is what Dr Schrack had to say “Another thing I might mention is that our African American project members are a far closer match to the Bangwa people, whose haplotypes are found in the SMGF database...than to the Mbo who were sequenced. The Bangwa and Mbo are close neighbors, and rivals...when talking about who our project member's kinfolk in Africa might be, it's a far better chance they're Bangwa, from Fontem, Lebialem, than Mbo. We found two SNPs in our project members that were negative in the Mbo -- perhaps they'd be found positive if Bangwa were tested.  Bonnie Schrack” Source


Ever since this discovery, Polish clergy and philanthropist Stanislaw Pietrzak has been mobilizing funds to assist people of Y chromosome or AOO Adam in the Fontem/Nweh area. The funds which have been and continue to be channeled to Agendia  Aloysius, have been used to help needy families subsidise the education of theirs kids as well as pay for some medical bills.


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Yes, Aloysius, these discoveries should Camerun knowing!
People with mutations A00, living among Bangwa/Nweh and Mbo/Samba, create a branch /family/, which was founded as the first and directly from a male ancestor of all modern humans, the Y-Adam.

I imagine that universities now mobilize efforts and send employees to download the following Y-DNA samples from the territory of Cameroon and neighboring lands.The science must determine the entire A00 family tree .

I think that the lands on which they live Bangwa/Nweh and Mbo/Samba, and so from Fontem to Nkonsamba (about 100 km along the road) will meet a lot of interest from the world outside of Africa and the great future awaits.

I'm also curious how many Catholic priests come from Bangwa and Mbo. I would like to contact them.

All the best for the family A00 and all the people Bangwa and Mbo!

Stan Pietrzak (Poland)

Bonnie Schrack, who is the administrator and agent/broker of basic research Y-DNA group A, writes to me that now would be appropriate for a school (GBHS in Fotem-Lebialem), as the first in the world, taught basics of genetic genealogy and promoted Y-DNA tests.

In the future all the men in Cameroon, and around the, need to provide their DNA for testing (in the male DNA is not only the father's Y-DNA, but also maternal mtDNA).
It is necessary to accurately know the origins of modern humans in the world.

The initial, simple test (only 12 markers) now costs $ 49.

I think Bonnie Schrack could provide school materials to teach genetic genealogy.

Someone pass this message to GBHS school?

Stan Pietrzak (Poland)

I must add that in addition to the thirteen (known by the name) and the two African Americans from the family of Perry,
in the SMGF base is four A00 (without a name and without the village): two data from Cameroon and two from Nigeria.

In total - 19 men from a genetic Y-DNA lineage A00.

We need more and thorough research, as they do in commercial company FtDNA

[img] [/img]
Here is the tree of the origin of modern man.
You can see the role of genetic lineage A00 (in Bangwa and Mbo).
It was started ... and continues to this day!

Hi Aloysius,
Thanks for your kind words about our work. I'm not sure where the Yemba came into this, but it's true that there are more ethnic groups in Cameroon who have members of A00, than just the Bangwa and Mbo. We will soon be starting a campaign to provide the funds needed for the new phase of our research. We will be collecting DNA from men in many villages who might be A00, and checking these samples for the genetic marker that defines it.

I have now started working with Matthew Fomine Forka Leypey, a doctoral candidate at the University of Yaounde I, who has extensive experience in collecting DNA samples in many regions of Cameroon. He will be heading the new collection effort. We will be very appreciative of all help by those who can offer hospitality and any kind of assistance while his team is traveling in the country.

This study will reveal the true extent of the A00 paternal lineage, the earliest known branch on the human family tree, which has survived only in this one part of the world. It will help us catch a glimpse of the earliest history of our human ancestors, which will be of interest to people in all the world.

We will have a special page to collect donations, but for now, just visit us at our page,, where you can leave your comments and questions.


The genetic genealogy new tree indicates that the peoples Bangwa / Nweh and Mbo / Nkong are genetic brothers.
We wish them a deep brotherhood and interfamily room!

Keep up the spirit Mr Agendia for it is said the people without a history live on the periphery of life.

Y-DNA A00 Fundraising Effort
GTC wrote:”What are the goals of this project?
"Our research forms a part of the wider, global human project to understand the family tree that connects us all, both on a large scale and in detail. In 2012, we found a branch on the human Y-chromosome phylogenetic tree, haplogroup A00, that's far older than any other branch previously known, having its origins at the dawn of the human species' emergence. The only peoples on earth it's known to exist among are a few African-Americans, and Cameroonians of certain ethnic groups.

This research will begin to give us a picture of its true distribution and history. By collecting samples from a diverse range of ethnic groups in Cameroon, starting with those where A00 is known to occur, we hope to map it, and by analyzing the patterns of relationship between different A00 lineages, and the complex histories of these peoples, with their widely varying social structures and ecological adaptations, we hope to understand much more about A00's place in human history."”


Forward, my friends, this information and a link to their relatives and friends of the people Bangwa and Nkongho-Mbo.

This is a wonderful discovery and I can only encourage a further research to discover more of this DNA within Cameroon tribes. I am from Lebialem and will not hesitate to offer assistance at any time needed. I got in touch with Bonnie at the Library and she introduced me to the project after she was able to articulate pronounce my son's name so well and further identified that we are from Cameroon, from the Southwest and from Lebialem. I was amazed.

Am impressed to see how our village, tradition, and culture has advanced as par what i learn from history some years back and i will like to know more from the above norms to have knowledge on our culture to that is bangwa