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Africa: The Hague Trials. Of mockery, anger and prejudice

By Aloysius AGENDIA

Ever since the trial of  Charles Taylor, the former President of Liberia  began, prosecutors at the Special Court at The Hague  had been waiting for the  day the British supermodel Noami Campbell would testify against Mr Taylor,  by admitting that Taylor gave her blood diamonds. The D-day happened on Thursday August 05, 2010 as Noami testified. She did admit that something  was given to her.  Taylor is accused among other crimes of selling Sierra Leonian diamond to purchase weapons and in turn supporting the RUF rebels in Sierra Leone. These rebels together with Taylor’s forces are said to have caused havoc in Sierra Leone and Liberia in the 90s.

I saw the testimony of Noami Campbell and it instead gives reasons that Charles Taylor "may not be connected" to any blood diamond saga adding to  the previous testimony of other Sierra Leonian rebels. This is the assumption until, it is proven otherwise. That therefore means that Noami's testimony may likely not be of any tangible evidence against Mr Taylor except there are further developments.

This does not however, vindicate Mr. Taylor of the several allege crimes. Not withstanding, he must be proven  guilty by the prosecutors.  You can watch or read the interrogation of Miss Noami  HERE, courtesy BBC. However, I find the headline and approach of the BBC and other media organs like this one overwhelmingly wanting and laced with a lot of prejudice because it makes no news if Noami accepted receiving a gift. What is more news are the overwhelming contradictions between Noami’s statements, her former manager and what many media organs in the west  were expecting to hear.

That said, Naomi dismissed all the previous allegations of her former agent, Carole White and US actress Mia Farrow who had insisted categorically that the diamonds were from Mr. Taylor. Curiously, Noami did not know the identity of the men who gave her the gift, neither did she bother to ask who was the sender nor even what the gift was. She did not even know Mr. Taylor,  she had never heard of him nor even the West African countries involved in this saga.

Just reading the comments of AP and Reuters articles relayed by yahoo, gives one the impression of how a lot more  are brainwashed.  

This adds more flesh to the declarations of Campbell that Taylor was a bloody killer and as she said “ I read in the internet”. The  comments on BBC blog show a much more diverse readership though.

 She claims the habit of receiving a lot of gifts that is why she did not bother much on knowing the content nor source of the her gift at Mandela’s residence . This may be the reason why she later “handed the gift” to a worker at the the Mandela Children Fund, a claim Mandela’s Foundation, has debunked according to a letter presented by Taylor’s defense counsel. Without acquitting Taylor of guilt, could those who brought the gift be members of some intelligence service or mercenaries aimed at bringing down Taylor, who was not himself a better president? Could it be also a well calculated move to kill any trace of the diamonds by Taylor himself, or is Noami Campbell simply lying?

 The farce of the court and sham of justice

What makes me worried is the double standard justice of the so called  Special Court  for Sierra Leone at the Hague in the Netherlands. It seems  more of a place to employ a few elites and pay them fabulous sums of money for them to chase Africans who are often never alone in their crimes. It seems more of a big farce aimed at deceiving ignorant Africans and pleasing neo-colonial agents and angering and mocking pan Africanists. Even as i write, dictators continue to commit horrible crimes in Africa with help of the neo-colonial agents. If the courts are serious let them bring all these guys to book.That would preventing a disease, rather than trying to cure a terminal infection

If at all Mr Taylor supported the RUF rebels in exchange for diamonds which he then used to buy weapons, it implies that those to whom he sold diamonds and bought the weapons should be at The Hague as well. These were the people who were supposedly pushing Taylor who in turn, pushed the rebels and the end was maiming and rapes, looting etc.

Mr Taylor seems a heck of an intelligent man. Popular opinion knows with "certainty" that Mr Taylor might have committed horrible crimes. The same popular opinion knows with same degree of "certainty" that Mr Taylor was aided in these crimes by accomplices in Liberia, Sierra Leone, South Africa, America and Europe. The Special Court for Sierra Leone at The Hague as well as the ICC guys know this so well. For the court to proof beyond reasonable doubt that Taylor committed crimes, his accomplices may need to come up and join him in the dock and testify.

Such testimonies would also drive the accomplices into the abyss because, it would have serious political and economic ramifications.  However, proponents of the New World d Social and Economic Order do not want this. It for this reason that after the seemingly charade or parade in the name of justice, Mr Taylor may not be found guilty but he may be declared guilty. The sad thing is that after all these, those who  might have aided Taylor in his supposed crimes continue to do this with impunity in various parts of Africa and the world.

It is therefore totally ridiculous to parade only Taylor as the supposed killer. This is just total nonsense of the first order. I am not in any way defending Taylor because he should be brought to book with all his collaborators in and out of Africa, if at all this court wants to stop such atrocities.  Let the gurus in America and Europe where the diamonds were allegedly sold and weapons bought be arrested too.

It is only at that juncture many may be tempted to believe that the court and prosecutors are serious. Anything short of this, is a farce.

 I do not even want to go to the extend of calling the names of other prime ministers and presidents who have invaded and are still invading foreign sovereign countries and killing, maiming and raping. That is another issue of its own. We are talking here of blood diamonds forgetting of blood oil and gas, blood gold, blood timber etc  in Africa.

It should be noted that Charles Taylor, whose son is already serving a 97 year prison sentence in the US, is being accused of 11 charges among which are those rape, torture, murder, human right abuse etc. He has denied  all the charges.

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Whether Charles Taylor sold diamonds and bought weapons in the west is immaterial.


GOD HELP AFRICA. for how long shall we say never again. mobutu came we said never again shall it happen in africa so did idi amin,bokassa,and the rest, the west stood by and saw Foday Sankoh and his buddy Charles Taylor brought their countries in to mordern terror and havoc. how can the life of this two idiots,warlords be compared to million of innocent souls lost


it is a pity that when i go through things like this , i shade a lot of tears not because of taylor cause of AFRICANS. nan was born free but everywhere in chains, . has slave trade ever come to and end no, AFRICANS can you ask yourself what im i doing in the werstern world, yes another form of slavery, , AFRICAN CONTINENT, RICH IN gold, resouces but the poorest continent in the world. it really a same to us , a day can not go by without me thinking of pple like NKEME KRUMAH, GREAT AFRICANS, we sold everything ourself, our brothers and sisters are dying and are still dying not only in liaberia, other parts especially in the western part of AFRICA, all king of diesease, we suffer the most, why should white pple decide to come and do their experements on us, then they turn to provide all kinds of medicine to care for us, how can a humman being sleep with a chianpeipze, it is sad, then in the process of tryiny to find the answer a whiteman will give restretions on research studies, cause he want s to gaoin money on you guys and be the top of the world for ever, WHAT MAKES ME SMILE AT THE END is GOD is there for us, and the world is turning around now, GOD LOVE US, IF WE CAN ASK questions like this and stike together with our ideals then the west will not only beg from us but also be slave to us , let them know the pains of slave trade and enslavement, this may sound funny but really its heart.THE LEADER OF THE WORLD BEING OUR BROTHER TRYING TO HELP US BALANCE africa if and only if we stick together and give him good ideals and support him in many ways,


I can understand the sensitivity here.The ICC is no court but a group of europeans and americans who are claiming to bring justice to our poor africans brothers. They can only come against you when you when they render you usless. Amerrica and so many other europeans countries are not memebers of this court but some of their citizens are staffs in this court. The trail have been going on for over two years but in no occassion we have ever watch it live on tv.It only happened when this conflict of interest btw the witnesses became a major problem. They don't care about us guys. Forget these guys and let find other solutions to drive these dictators.The black man has suffered alot and still suffer 2day in the hands of the whiteman.Slavery is a crime and the perpetrators still need to be judge. Dictators all over the world are supported by these western countries for their economic interest. Charlse Tylor might have fallen out with some of them. He liberated his country from a dictator (samuel Dou). Despite the killing of million of liberian during this conflict, no formal minister ever stand trail. Why is Liberia not involve in the crisis? If the countries or companies that were trading with tylor can't stand trail, tylor should not because he did not force the sereleonian to kill themselves. Lets be fair here. It time we realised that african has been destroy by the white man. Anybody who have live in the west will agree with me that the white man don't care about us but want us to remain like the bush man. Tylor is not guilty. He was just a busness man like any european man. He would have not be because, he can't ever rule sereleon.


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I must say that the writer of this article has echoed my thoughts on the subject considerably. Leopold of belgium committed unimaginable crimes in the congo, african heads of states like paul biya of cameroon spend all the peoples wealth and are received in france like dignitaries and a crazy court will come up with a withchunt for an out of grace leader. He definitely is guilty but so are a lot of people in Europe for massive crimes against Africans. let him be tried in Africa, in the courts of Liberia.


During the second world war,Africans were taken to Europe to fight without knowing why they were fighting.
Here is a conversation between and African and a European at the war front:
African:Why are we figthing?
European: We are fighting to stop Hitler.
African: Why?
European:Because he wants to rule the whole world .
African: But what is wrong with that ?
European: You see, a British should rule the British, a French should rule the French, An American should rule the Americans and a German should rule the Germans.
African: So an African should rule the Africans.
European : ehm.......Yes
So Charles Taylor who is an African should be judged by Africans.
It is our responsibility to clean our mess,when will Africa judge the west.A simple apology for slavery is so hard to come bye,how many African dictators have been sponsored and supported by the west to kill their fellow brothers and sisters for western economic gains,how many western scientists have used Africans as guinea pigs.
If the Hague is willing to stop war crimes, then those who buy diamonds from Taylor and those from whom he bought weapons should be brought to justice, that is the law.


I agree with the sentiments of the writer of this piece. The author of the article did not say that Charles Taylor is innocent; neither did he say that Charles Taylor should not be prosecuted. What the author is worried about is the fact that this so called prosecution is a sham. A few leaders who are not in the good books of the leaders of the west are selected and brought before some fallible cronies who call themselves judges in the name of trials. Of what concrete help can that be to the millions of Africans still wallowing in poverty? The writer of this article is absolutely correct in using the fact that other known leaders who had killed innocent people in other countries have not been brought to book. Finally, it is only when Africans are empowered and they take the initiative to solve their own problems that Africa will be a better place for its inhabitants. Institutions like the Hague are just a mockery to the African people.


Whether Charles Taylor sold diamonds and bought weapons in the west is immaterial. This habit we have of blaming everyone else is so pathetic, as if we are incapable of rational thought. It was African hands on those machetes and on those triggers. It was the Taylors, Koroma's, Doe's, Sankoh's who gave the orders. We are not children, these men are murderers and criminals. I really dont understand what you would prefer, a wild goose chase to round up all illegal arms dealers and diamond merchants or prosecuting guilty leaders


Let nobody ever lie to you bros, ONLY THE TRUTH N NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH CAN MEAN ANY POSSIBLE way out in the order of world peace,security,juctice and politics. You are on the right track; stating things as they are and not as you want the masses to like them(like the CRTV,CNN etc). I visited the hague and went into that trial room and equally we had a question forum of which i ask a question which was sidelined and left unanswered! I am short of words; God bless Africa!