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Wikileaks: France to intervene in Cameroon and Gabon in case of internal unrest

By Aloysius Agendia

In another secret diplomatic cable of US Embassy in Paris, France dated September 09, 2008 and released on January 09, 2011 by WIKILEAKS, it has been revealed that France has the obligation to intervene militarily to defend the neo-colonial government and secure its interests under the France Afrique secret deals signed with Cameroon in 1960 and later modified in 1974 and that which was signed with the Gabonese Government in 1960. The cable titled “France’s Changing Policy in Africa part III”, states, “Equally troublesome and outdated are certain
"secret" portions of some of the Agreements. According to
Marechaux, the Defense Agreements with CAMEROON and Gabon,
for example, contain "absurd" provisions obligating France,
upon request, to provide internal security in case of
domestic unrest in those countries”

Though the document further notes that President Nicholas Sarkhozy of France had promised to put an "end" to the funny neo-colonial France-Afrique exploitative agreement and bring up new ones based on equality and partnership, the truth remains that the Sarkhozy rhetoric is far from the reality on ground.

Proof of this is that as tension mounted in Gabon following the rigging of elections to impose Ali Ben Bongo on Gabonese, the French secretly flew in 300 special paratroopers to quell down any opposition and protect French interests.  The BBC was the lone western media organ which wrote about this.

The Wikileaks cable also reveals that according to the France-Afrique documents “some of the Agreements contain "secret" clauses giving France
monopoly rights to exploit natural resources in the countries
concerned.” It also admits that some countries like Cote D Ivoire had increasing become hostile over such colonial agreements.

 This is certainly true reason and why the French have become very hostile toward any regime that fails to respect the agreements. Their hostility towards Cote D ivoire and Rwanda are examples though not mention in secret diplomatic notes.  Paradoxically, Ali Bongo is quoted though not in the cable, as saying the law suits filed against him and some president in Paris is because some French politicians do not want to admit that some Africans leaders want to totally break with the colonial past.

It should be noted that another cable published on December 31, 2010 revealed how the colonial administration in the Central African sub region CEMAC, in collaboration with the regional Bank BEAC, and in connivance with their political master in France, embezzled several billions of African tax payers’ money to fund French politics and French politicians. Sarkhozy himself who pioneered the rhetoric against the neo-colonial France-Afrique agreements was a beneficiary of the stolen funds.

In 2004, French soldiers shot and killed over 100 armless Ivoirians civilians who were protesting against too much French meddling into their activities and the French attempt to "kidnap" their president. The French who initially denied the report later admitted to killing “only 20” people. Since then, those who claim to speak for the international community have never uttered a word against France nor have those who order the killings been brought to justice.

The French equally blamed the government of Cote D Ivoire for the mysterious bombing of French based in Bouake during which 9 French soldiers were killed. It has never been established if the military of Cote D Ivoire was really the one behind the bombing. It is widely believe that it was a smokescreen by the French military to destroy the Air force of Cote D Ivoire which was launching an assault against the French backed northern rebels in bid to reunite the country.

Given the increasing hostility of Africans against too much French interest and interference in the continent, reliable sources say France has opted to a diplomatic offensive and serious lobbying both in African and in the western world to strangle regimes which are hostile to its influence.  The same source equally says French intelligence help regimes favourable to its interests by sharing strategies on how to bring down any internal opposition. The current situation in Cote Divoire is therefore a test of French influence on Africa.

You can continue reading the entire confidential cable here

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I hate FRANCE. I regret Cameroon ever being a french colony. But I wonder if Cameroon is actually a French colony or French and British Colony. Oh God !! Where are the British to come and set us from the blood suckers ''France'' I Hate Them.

God Bless Ethiopia (no colonial master)


Infarct when will Cameroon start understanding their country, To me i think we should go dawn on are Nellie and pray for GOD'S intervention if not the was is still to come if Biya: regime continuous.


It must be recalled that France signed dubious agreements with African countries before granting them independence. Most of these agrrements were meant to apparently protect these countries in times of crises but in reality, they were meant to perpetrate dictatorial governments in power. In exchange, France was to have a monopoly in the exploitation of the natural resources of these countries.
Our misfortune stems from the greed of our leaders to remain in power forever; It also stems from the wanton corruption groomed under this dictatorship. We are like a people in an aircraft that has bbe taken hostage, if we fight the hijakers, we die, if we don't, they may still crash the plane and we shall still die.
From the way i see it, any election in Cameroon will be nothing but a sham. Perhaps. It will be unfortunate for any Cameroonian to imagine that we can have free and fair elections in that country.
The question we should be asking is not "Who will win?" It should rather be "What will we do when the Biya click riggs the election?"


That's all Cameroonians do. Write write and write. No actions. I guess we make good poets.


Tragically, many Africans do not understand this aspect and that is why they bought the french narrative in Ivory Coast regarding Gbagbo. They demonized him, turned the UN against him, created a distraction in Libya then massacred thousands of people to have their way with Ivory Coast. If you think they cannot and will not do the same in Cameroun, your head needs to be examined and fixed.


"There must be a positive Passion for the public good, the public Interest, Honour, Power, and Glory, established in the Minds of the People, or there can be no Republican Government, nor any real Liberty. And this public Passion must be Superior to all private Passions. Men must be ready, they must pride themselves, and be happy to sacrifice their private Pleasures, Passions, and Interests, nay their private Friendships and dearest connections, when they Stand in Competition with the Rights of society."


france is doomed to failure this time around cos their evil practices in cameroon is not going to work. paul biya will be our president and our liberator from those evil tyrants.i think biya is not our problem but france.


France should leave African affairs


There will be no French intervention in Cameroon because there will be no unrest as wished by some people. Cameroon is not Ivory Coast and is ready to give any opportunity to anyone to interfere with their affairs. Intervention is needed where there are problems but there is none in Cameroon.